GameSec 2023

Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security

October 18-20, 2023, Avignon, France

GameSec 2023 Technical Program

Wednesday 18

9h30-10h30Plenary: "Towards Trustworthy Autonomous AI-Driven Systems"Yevgeniy Vorobeychik
10h30-11h00Coffee Break
11h00-12h30Session 1
11h00-11h30Observable Perfect EquilibriumSam Ganzfried
11h30-12h00Does Cyber-insurance Benefit the Insured or the Attacker? -- A Game of Cyber-InsuranceZhen Li and Qi Liao
12h00-12h30Rule Enforcing Through Ordering David Sychrovský, Sameer Desai and Martin Loebl
14h00-15h30Session 2
14h00-14h30Multi-defender Security Games with Schedules Zimeng Song, Chun Kai Ling and Fei Fang
14h30-15h00Asymmetric Centrality Game against Network Epidemic PropagationArnold Willie Kouam Kounchou, Yezekael Hayel, Gabriel DeugouÉ, Olivier Tsemogne and Charles Kamhoua
15h00-15h30Shades of Grey: Strategic Bimatrix Stopping Games for Modelling (Un)Ethical Hacking RolesEckhard Pfluegel
15h30-16h00Coffee Break
16h00-17h30Session 3
16h00-16h30Characterizing and Improving the Robustness of Predict-Then-Optimize FrameworksSonja Johnson-Yu, Jessica Finocchiaro, Arunesh Sinha, Kai Wang, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik, Aparna Taneja and Milind Tambe
16h30-17h00Quantisation Effects in Adversarial Cyber-Physical GamesTakuma Adams, Andrew Cullen and Tansu Alpcan
17h00-17h30Scalable Learning of Intrusion Responses through Recursive DecompositionKim Hammar and Rolf Stadler

Thursday 19

9h30-10h30Plenary: "The True Colors of Memory: A Tour of Chromatic-Memory Strategies in Zero-Sum Games on Graphs"Patricia Bouyer-Decitre
10h30-11h00Coffee Break
11h00-12h30Session 4
11h00-11h30Honeypot Allocation for Cyber Deception in Dynamic Tactical Networks: A Game Theoretic ApproachMd Abu Sayed, Ahmed H. Anwar Hemida, Christopher Kiekintveld and Charles Kamhoua
11h30-12h00Optimal Resource Allocation for Proactive Defense with Deception in Probabilistic Attack GraphsHaoxiang Ma, Shuo Han, Chales Kamhoua and Jie Fu
12h00-12h30The Credential is Not Enough: Combining Honeypots and Fake Credentials for Cyber-DefenseRyan Gabrys, Mark Bilinski, Sonia Cromp and Fred Sala
14h00-15h30Session 5
14h00-14h30Playing Repeated Coopetitive Polymatrix Games with Small Manipulation Cost Shivakumar Mahesh, Nicholas Bishop, Le Cong Dinh and Long Tran-Thanh
14h30-15h00Rational Broadcast Protocols against Timid Adversaries Keigo Yamashita and Kenji Yasunaga
15h00-15h30FlipPath Game to Counter Stealthy Attacks in SDN-based Tactical NetworksFabrice Mvah, Vianney Kengne Tchendji, Clémentin Djamegni Tayou, Ahmed H. Anwar, Deepak K. Tosh and Charles Kamhoua
15h30-16h00Coffee Break
16h00-17h30Poster Session
16h00-17h30Incentive-Based Software Security: Fair Micro-Payments for Writing Secure CodeStefan Rass and Martin Pinzger
16h00-17h30Using Game Theory Approach for COVID-19 Risk Analysis and Medical Resource AllocationCheng Kuang Wu
16h00-17h30Shapley Value to Rank Vulnerabilities on Attack Graphs: Applications to CyberdeceptionMartin Waffo Kemgne, Serge Olivier Tsemogne Kamguia and Charles Alexandre Kamhoua
16h00-17h30Solving security models with perfect observability Paolo Zappalà, Amal Benhamiche, Matthieu Chardy, Francesco De Pellegrini and Rosa Figueiredo
17h00-17h30Steering Committee meeting

19h00-22h00Social Event

Friday 20

9h30-10h00Coffee Break
10h00-12h00Session 6
10h00-10h30Double-sided Information Asymmetry in Double Extortion Ransomware Tom Meurs, Edward Cartwright and Anna Cartwright
10h30-11h00Opacity-enforcing active perception and control against eavesdropping attacksSumukha Udupa, Hazhar Rahmani and Jie Fu
11h00-11h30A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Auditing Differentially Private Algorithms with Epistemically Disparate HerdYa-Ting Yang, Tao Zhang and Quanyan Zhu
11h30-12h00Modeling and Analysis of a Nonlinear Security Game with Mixed ArmamentJean Le Hénaff and Hélène Le Cadre

GameSec 2023 Proceedings

GameSec 2023 proceedings will be published by Springer as part of the LNCS series.